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Looking for a way to help other people? We can show you how little it takes to change peoples lives! Have you been blessed?  Well if so then you should be a blessing to others.  It is our goal to spread the Good News by helping other people. Jesus came not to be served but to serve others.
We are happy to show you how far as little as $2.00 can help someone so much that they would say you have changed their life. It is so simple. You can change somebody's life today. The world is in need of change. Can you spare some change?
God loves cheerful givers. We are looking for people like yourself that want to help change lives of the helpless, homeless, hopeless and lost. By taking some of your money and making a donation you are opening up endless opportunities for people. We have listed many opportunities on this site how you can get involved. Take some time to look around and see where you would like to help. If we all work together we really can change lives.

  family   Voice of Gospel Ministries in India. Voice of Gospel was founded by Pastor Daniel in 1975. Voice of Gospel is involved in church planting, missionary training, charity bank, Mercy homes, Bible distribution, emergency relief and in all of their activities are focused on spreading the Good News of having a relationship with Jesus Christ. The ministry is most active in Kerala in the southern part of India. Lives are being changed through Voice of Gospel ministries! 
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change a life
change a life
    Join with us for the following special projects:
We are currently building a new church building in India.

We are currently involved in building a well for clean water for a village of people.
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      You can change lives today by giving
somebody a Bible.
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