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California Donations

   Starting at just $2 you can Change A Life today!
    Change A Life has opened an account at Downey Savings in California because of their favorable coin fee policy. The fee to cash in your change is only 2% or $2 whichever is greater. This is a much lower rate than using the local CoinStar machine that charges 8.9%. To make your coin donation simply print out the following deposit slip and take your change along with the deposit slip to any Downey Savings teller for deposit. You can also use a credit card by clicking here.
  To find your nearest Downey Savings location please click on the following link.      DOWNEY SAVINGS LOCATION FINDER  
Pile the family in the car and head on down for a good old fashion moral building family experience.     Have fun!
For your tax deductible receipt simply mail your deposit slip to: Change A Life 4B Vanderbilt Irvine CA 92618 We will mail you back your receipt.
Thank you for your donation!
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for more information. love@changealife.com
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