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   Cost $5000 to build a Church

You can Change A Life today by helping build the below church.

1.Prayer Hall at Kanom village, India

                Kanom village is 170 Kilometers south east of Trichur in the state of Kerala.  The work was started in 2003 by Brother George. George was a very good business man. He then lost everything in his business and became bankrupt. He had a wife and two children .His wife was a daughter of an Anglican. Priest.  When they had lots of money and fame they did not care about God and His word. They thought that money was the answer to all their problems. As days went by problems arose in their life and business. No one could find out the reason and help them. Day after day the business went down and sickness haunted them one after another. Money and time were taken and consumed by doctors and hospitals. The bank balance came to the level of Zero. Money was borrowed for treatment ad living. Life became too had to pull on and one by one their friends and family left them.  No one was willing to help them and finally they came to the point of committing family suicide.
They believed no one in the world could help them and uplift them. Brother George proceeded with a plan for family suicide. George’s wife became very depressed and would not leave the house.
Finally, George decided the day and the time for death. He wrote a suicidal note on why they are committing suicide and what to do with the body.  The same night George had to go into the city to buy poison for his family.  Near by the Pesticide shop an evangelist was preaching on the street corner and George was attracted by him and listened to the words being preached. He was preaching into George’s life. The Holy Spirit spoke to George and he committed his life for Jesus. George was totally changed and was filled with peace and joy. George went home as a changed person. Instead of poison in his hands he went with peace and Jesus. He shared with his family what happened to him and opened the Bible with great hunger and thirst. His wife and children received the same Jesus who gave peace and joy to George. The next Sunday they went to the Pastor who preached the gospel in the streets and he led them into the steps of salvation and natured them in the Word. 
George found a new meaning and purpose in his life and started a prayer cell in his house to pray for the people who suffer from debt, sickness and depression. George shared his testimony and the word to those people. One by one people got saved and joined with George to worship God.  Soon George was led to pastor Daniel to be taught and trained in the word .After one year of training George was appointed as a missionary in his own village. The prayer cell grew into a house church with 35 members.  Now George is conducting 6 prayer cells in 6 villages and his church has grown into 110 members. People who are in debt, sickness and depression come to George for prayer and receive their deliverance.  The prayer cells attracts hundreds every year.  As most of the people who worship with George come from heathen background they need a place of worship in this village. George has donated a piece of land from his property for the church building. They need a building of 60x30 to hold 300 people for worship. This will cost $5000.  This can attract many new people from the village .

This project was started on April 28th.

$400 has been donated for this project

You can make donations by Credit Card or PayPal using the button below:

Below are some pictures of recent prayer halls we have completed.
Typical stone block construction technique.            Typical stone block construction technique. Permanent structure   40' x 20'                                Permanent structure 50' X 25'

Celebration of a new church.                              People gathering for the celebration.

Inside view of the church.                                 Celebration of completed church.
Holds approx. 200 to 300 people                                                                                      

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