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Mercy Homes

  Mercy Homes are a safe shelter for children that are hopeless and lost. Many of the children are taken off the streets and have nowhere to live.  Mercy Homes are not orphanages.  They are homes that are made up of 6-10 of God's children who have been brought together to grow in love and peace developing Christian character under the guidance and love of their new spiritual family.  Each child's life is changed forever!

The parents of the Mercy Homes consist of a pastor, the pastor's family, and God's children.

Prospective Mercy Home parents are required to go through a screening process and to commit some of their own funds and/or property to start the Mercy Home ministry in their village. 

Mercy Home parents dedicate their entire lives to the Mercy Home and its success!

You can sponsor an entire Mercy Home operation for just $200 per month.

You can partner with another supporter for just $100 per month.

You can partner with (3) other supporters for just $50 per month.

Co-sponsorships are also available - Great opportunity for reaching out globally with family, friends and fellow church members. 

Where the $ goes:
Food     Education     Shelter     Medical     Clothing     Loving Parents

What you will receive as a sponsor:
1)  Naming rights to the Mercy Home. 
     Many are named after the organization, family members or foundations.
2)  Plaque with picture of the sponsored Mercy Home.
3)  Story of the children, Mercy Home and village.
4)  Monthly newsletter from Voice of Gospel ministry.
5)  Assurance that 100% of your donations go directly to your sponsored Mercy Home.
6)  US Government tax deduction.
7)  Opportunity to visit your sponsored Mercy Home in India.

We are now ready to open 10 more Mercy Homes in May 2006.

There are currently 28 Mercy Homes in operation.  See photos that follow:

(Click on photo to enlarge)

 RCV Mercy Home for boys.Tamilandu.

Anamalai Mercy Home for girls,Tamilnadu.


 Ann Alvin Amy Mercy Home, Padavarad.

In His Name Mercy Home, Kozhuvallore.


Cindy Welch Mercy Home for girls, Kalleppadom.

 In His Name Mercy Home for girls, Mannuthy.


Grattan's Mercy Home for girls.

Anamalai Mercy home for Boys. Tamilnadu.


Father's House mercy Home  for girls.

ARC Mercy Home for Girls,.Tamilnadu.


Odachatram Mercy Home for Boys ,Tamilnadu.

Fathers house Mercy Home for girls.


Ambassadors Mercy Home for girls.

In His Name Mercy Home for handicapped boys.


Shawn & Jessy's Mercy Home for boys.

RTW Mercy Home for boys.



Alvin Abraham Mercy Home

Cathedral in Pines Mercy Home


Straight way Mercy Home

In His Name  Mercy Home

Mercy Home VBS Class


The Mercy Homes give them the safe shelter, nutrition and education that every child deserves. Each home houses from 6 to 12 children. Click on the any of the children below to read their story. 100% of your donation goes directly to the children. When you sponsor a child you will receive a photograph with their story and will receive an update every 6 months with a new picture and stories of how your support is changing their lives. The cost to support each child is $30 per month or $1 a day. This will provide education, clothing, food, shelter and the love of Jesus.

To Sponsor 1 Child use this link 
There are many more kids waiting for your help. Can you help Change Their Life forever!
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